SD Card Module

 RM 8.00
Description :
The Arduino SD Card Shield is a simple solution for transferring data to and from a standard SD card. The pinout is directly compatible with Arduino, but can also be used with other microcontrollers. It allows you to add mass storage and data logging to your project. 

Tip 1
Arduino and SD Card module communicate using SPI.

Tip 2
Make sure your sd card is formatted with FAT16 or FAT32.

Tip 3
Only 6 pin need to be connected:
+ Connect the GND pin to the GND pin on the Arduino
+ Connect the 5V pin to the 5V pin on the Arduino
+ Connect MISO to pin 12 (UNO) or 50 (MEGA)
+ Connect MOSI to pin 11 (UNO) or 51 (MEGA)
+ Connect SCK to pin 13 (UNO) or 52 (MEGA)
Connect CS to pin 10 (UNO) or 53 (MEGA)

Tip 4
You may refer this wonderful website for Arduino Library & First Test.
Don't forget to change your chipSelect inside your arduino code. 10 if you use UNO or 53 if you use MEGA.

Package included : SD Card Module x 1 unit