Arduino Uno Starter Kit - Engineering Style

 RM 130.00
Just getting started with Arduino? This Arduino kit has everything you need.

Kit Include:
1 x Arduino Uno Compatible
1 x Medium Breadboard
20 x Jumper Wires
10 x Various LED Colours
10 x 100 Ohm Resistors
10 x 10K Ohm Resistors
1 x IR Transmitter
1 x IR Receiver
1 x 10K Potentiometer
1 x Medium Tactile Push Button
1 x Buzer
1 x USB Cable

1 x Relay 5V
1 x mini DC Motor

1 x mini Servo Motor 
1 x Seven Segment Common Cathode
1 x LCD Display 16 x 2 soldered with Male Header
1 x Mini Toolbox

Arduino Starter Kit Manual. Please download in Tutorial Arduino

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Arduino Starter Kit Price Comparison

+ Running Multiple Servo at a same time (link)