4-channel relay control board with optocoupler

 RM 17.00
Description :
This small 4 Channel Relay Board works from a 5V supply for the relays and 5V or 3.3V for the input switching signal. It uses a transistor and opto-isolator to switch the relay on so can be connected directly to a microcontroller pin. The output can switches up to 10Amps. Rated at up to 250V.

Reference: wikispaces
Manual: 4 Channel / 8 Channel Relay Manual 

On Board 5V Relay Specification:
+ Type : Single Pole Double Throw Relay
+ Package : DIP 5 pins
+ Switching Input : 5Vdc
+ Switch Output : 10A 250Vac or 10A 30Vdc

Application :
+ Microcontroller/arduino control ac motor up to 10Amps
+ Microcontroller/arduino control dc or ac bulb
+ Microcontroller/arduino control lighting system

Package included : 4-channel relay control board with optocoupler x 1 unit